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How to Sauté

How to Sauté

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Sautéing is one of the important fundamentals in cooking and something most chefs do all the time. This video details some great tips and tricks to help you master this technique in no time. Full notes and video from Stella Culinary can be found here: https://stellaculinary.com/cooking-videos/cooking-techniques/ct-002-how-saut%C3%A9


  • The right pan is key to sautéing – use a heavy-bottomed sauté pan with curved edges.
  • Because sautéing is done over high heat, you need to use a fat with a high smoke point, like canola oil, ghee (clarified butter), or vegetable oil. Olive oil is not a good fat for sautéing because of its relatively low smoke point.
  • Get your pan hot before you add your cooking oil.
  • Practice makes perfect in mastering the sautéing motion – don’t get discouraged!