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How to Poach an Egg like Julia Child

How to Poach an Egg like Julia Child

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Poached eggs are very versatile, great on everything from avocado toast to burgers and salads. A lot of people are intimidated by them, and many have found their pot filled with a swirled mess of egg whites instead of the perfectly poached egg they seek. Julia Child and Jacques Pepin’s egg poaching tips from Cooking at Home are timeless and will ensure you nail it every time.


  • Julia’s key to the perfect poached egg is poking a tiny hole in the large end with a pin before boiling the eggs in their shell for 10 seconds.
  • You can use an egg poacher as Julia demonstrates, or you can crack the egg very close to the surface of the water, letting them cook for approximately four minutes.
  • Carefully add the cooked egg to ice water to stop the cooking, before removing and draining.